Michelle Williams Gamaker in Go On Being So at Newlyn Art Gallery

Michelle William Gamaker’s film House of Women was selected for Go On Being So at Newlyn Art Gallery and The Exchange in Cornwall. 14 Feb – 30 May.

Jost Münster in Hard Painting x 2 at Phoenix, Brighton

Jost Münster’s work is included in the group show Hard Painting X 2 at the Phoenix, Brighton curated by Ian Boutell, Philip Cole, Stig Evans and Patrick O’Donnell. 8 Feb – 1 March.

Jennet Thomas at Xero Kline & Coma

Jennet Thomas’s solo exhibition It Once Had a Face Now It Wants One Again is at Xero Kline & Coma, London: 1 Feb – 23 Feb

Jost Münster in Slow Burn, The Auxiliary Gallery, Middlesbrough

Jost Münster’s work was part of Slow Burn at the Auxiliary Gallery in Middlesbrough curated by the online editorial and curatorial project Saturation Point. 19 Jan – 8 Feb.


David Cheeseman at Domobaal, London

David Cheeseman’s large-scale sculpture-installation Once ever After: Thrice Removed 2014/2019 was shown as a solo presentation at Domobaal, London 13 Nov – 15 Dec

Madalina Zaharia at East Bristol Contemporary

Madalina Zaharia is showing work in Exhibition 023 at East Bristol Contemporary, until 8 Dec

David Blandy’s Essex Road film at Focal Point gallery

Essex Road goes to Essex…..the short film Interlaced that David Blandy made for Tintype’s annual moving image program, Essex Road 5, is showing as part of his exhibition The World After. At Focal Point Gallery, Southend, Essex. Until 26 January 2020.

George Eksts’ Serious String at Mansions of the Future, Lincoln

In this new work by George Eksts photographs of the Lincoln’s public spaces are transformed into objects, pictures and animations which are exhibited in a way that allows visitors to re-curate the show 23 Oct – 24 Nov. Eksts will be discussing his work and ongoing experimentation with digital prototyping techniques at an event on Saturday 26 Oct.

Michelle Williams Gamaker part of Curriculum at South London Gallery

Michelle Williams Gamaker is showing her short film House Of Women, on Sunday 27 October at the South London Gallery followed by an in-conversation with Narration Group co-convenor Ufuoma Essi. CURRICULUM is an evolving live programme and display by Narration Group exploring ideas of collective practice.

George Eksts in Line/Extended – UH Arts

Line/Extended brings together five artists – Rosana Antolí, Lucy Brown, George Eksts, Jane Grisewood and Andrea V Wright – whose work explores the potential of the drawn line and the expanded field of drawing. University of Herts Gallery, 17 Oct – 20 Dec.

David Cheeseman in Coventry Biennial

David Cheeseman’s large scale sculptural work, Matter’s Not is a centrepiece of the Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art 2019,
4 Oct – 24 Nov

Jennet Thomas in Rebellion After The Collapse

Art After The Collapse is a provocative series of talk events at Dartington Hall, Devon. Featuring 15 leading artists and thinkers, the talks focus on how artists can point us at directions for ‘deep adaptation’ to a climate and ecological collapse that some say has already started to happen.

Madalina Zaharia in Art Encounters Biennial, Timișoara

Madalina Zaharia has been commissioned to make a new work for Art Encounters Biennial, in Timișoara, Romania. Art Encounters 2019 is curated by Maria Lind and Anca Rujoiu.

Grant Foster in Exeter Contemporary Open 2019

Exeter Contemporary Open is at the Exeter Phoenix Gallery 20 Sept – 10 Nov. It presents a showcase of emerging and established contemporary visual artists from across the UK, selected by critic and curator Sacha Craddock; artist and 2006 Turner Prize nominee Mark Titchner; and Phoenix Gallery Curator Matt Burrows.

Jost Münster in Notes on Painting II

Jost Münster’s work is part of Notes on Painting II, at Koppel Project Central, London. Until 26 October. Notes on Painting II is an on-going artist-led project run by Amelia Bowles and Antoine Langenieux-Villard

Laura White in No Particular Place to Go? – 35 years of Sculpture at Castlefield Gallery

Laura White has several works in No Particular Place to Go?, an exhibition celebrating 35 years of sculpture at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester. The exhibition features work by 15 artists including Sir Anthony Caro, and Henry Moore.

Jost Münster in group show at Grolle Pass Projects, Wuppertal

Jost Münster’s work is included in the group show Zein Zufall at Grolle Pass Projects in Wuppertal, 31 Aug – 13 Oct

Suki Chan in exhibition at The Glucksman, Cork

Suki Chan’s Sleep Walk Sleep Talk is part of ‘Circadian Rhythms: Contemporary art and biological time’, at The Glucksman, Cork – curated by Chris Clarke and Fiona Kearney in association with the APC Microbiome Centre, UCC. 3 August – 3 November

Michelle Williams Gamaker – Arts Council Collection’s Artist of the Month

Michelle Williams Gamaker is the Arts Council Collection’s Artist of the Month. Her film House of Women was bought by the Collection in 2018

Madalina Zaharia in Mostyn Open 21

Madalina Zaharia’s work is in the Mostyn Open 21, Llandudno, Wales. Selected from over 750 submissions from across the globe, the 21st anniversary edition of this internationally significant exhibition presents over 30 artists working in disciplines including textiles, photography, painting, sculpture, installation and film and video. July – October

Grant Foster in The Book of Dreams

Grant Foster’s work is included in the group show The Book of Dreams, contemporary responses to the work of William Blake, at Chapel on the Green, in Glasbury, Wales July/August

Michelle Williams Gamaker in As Seen on Screen at the Walker Art Gallery

Michelle Williams Gamaker’s House of Women is part of As Seen on Screen – at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. The exhibition looks at the influence of cinema on art 31 May – 18 August

Jost Münster in two related exhibitions in Berlin and Geneva

Jost Münster appears in two related exhibitions proposing a ‘stand-off’ between abstraction and figuration – Check Mate! at BCMA, Berlin, and ABSTRACTION VS FIGURATION at Kunstgenerator, Geneva, late April – mid May

Jennet Thomas screenings at three film festivals

European Media Arts Festival, Germany – screening of Animal Condensed>>Animal Expanded#2
Braziers Mini Indi Festival, UK – screening of Animal Condensed>>Animal Expanded#2
Chicago Underground Film Festival, USA – screening of Animal Condensed>>Animal Expanded#2

Michelle Williams Gamaker in All About You, Koppel Project, London

Michelle Williams Gamaker is in All About You, a group show curated by Alex White, at The Koppel Project Hive, London 5 April – 3 May

Jost Münster in Carousel

Jost Münster is one of the artists in Carousel, a group show at The Koppel Project Central, London 17 – 25 May

Essex Road films in Strangelove Time Based Media Festival 2019

Nine of Tintype’s Essex Road short films are being screened in Strangelove Time Based Media Festival in Folkestone 23 March, curated by Tony Grisoni. Works by Jordan Baseman, Helen Benigson, Sebastian Buerkner, Benedict Drew, George Eksts, Judith Goddard, Tony Grisoni, Xiaowen Zhu, and Andrew Luka Zimmerman were all made for Tintype’s annual Essex Road programme.

Jo Addison in conversation at Freelands Foundation

Jo Addison and Bill Leslie are in conversation at Freelands Foundation, London on the 21 February.

Madalina Zaharia in APT Shots 2019

Madalina Zaharia participates in the group show Mimesis; Narrative; Against hegemony; an exhibition celebrating 10 years of Peer Sessions 26 Jan – 16 Feb at A.P.T.Gallery, London


Michelle Williams Gamaker in Women Power Protest at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Michelle Williams Gamaker’s film House of Women is showing in a new exhibition entitled Women Protest Power at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery from 10th November 2018 – 31st March 2019. The exhibition is held as part of the Arts Council Collection’s National Partners Programme in association with Birmingham Museums Trust.

Michelle Williams Gamaker – International Short Film Festival

Michelle Williams Gamaker’s film House of Women is being screened at the International Short Film Festival, Winterthur, Switzerland Nov 6 – 11. It is showing in a section called The Female Gaze, part of the This is Britain programme. Gamaker Williams is appearing on a panel with Ayo Akingbade.

Jo Addison, Adam Gillam, and Alice Walton in Tiggers Brown

Jo Addison, Adam Gillam, and Alice Walton are part of the group show Tiggers Brown at Kinsgate Project Space, London 17 Nov – 17 Dec

Jennet Thomas featured artist – Cologne

Jennet Thomas is featured as the SPOTLIGHT artist at this year’s Cologne Short Film Festival on Thursday 15th November, showing a mini retrospective of works including: Sharony, The Unspeakable Freedom Device, Animal Condensed>Animal Expanded#1&2. Thomas will also be presenting a live performance of I Am Your Error Message.

George Eksts in The Annotated Reader

George Eksts is one of the many artists, writers, designers and musicians asked to choose and annotate a text for The Annotated Reader, an exhibition and publication at 9b Cork Street, London. The Annotated Reader is an exhibition-as-publication, or publication-as-exhibition curated by Ryan Gander and Jonathan P. Watts. 4 – 13 October

Madalina Zaharia at Suprainfinit, Bucharest

Madalina Zaharia is showing work in the group show Pre History Romanian Art Now, at Suprainfinit, Bucharest, 13 Sept – 26 Oct

George Eksts – Instagram Takeover for Whitechapel Open

For the final week of the Whitechapel Open, George Eksts took over the Gallery’s Instagram.

Madalina Zaharia performance at Tate Liverpool

Taking as a starting point the front covers of the last 50 years of Control Magazine, artists Ross Taylor and Madalina Zaharia presented ‘Reading as Rhythm’, a series of immersive vocal performances exploring the visual legacy of the magazine and transforming its pictorial language into rhythm and words.