Adam Gillam

Adam Gllam

Neighbour Six, 2015

Aluminium, silicone, spray paint, rope, mirror, treasury tag
66 x 37cm

Adam Gillam

Neighbour Three, 2015

Cardboard, jesmonite, oil paint, wood 40 x 30 cm

Adam Gillam

Neighbour Two, 2015

Cardboard, jesmonite, gloss paint, oil paint, wood, rubber ball 46 x 37cm

Adam Gillam

Neighbour One, 2015

Cardboard, jesmonite, spray paint, oil paint, graphite 35 x 20cm

Adam Gillam

Neighbour Eight, 2015

Aluminium, moulding wax, silicone, rope 33 x 36cm

Adam Gillam

Neighbour Five, 2015

Wood, plaster, spray paint
33 x 9 x 14cm

Adam Gillam

Neighbour Four, 2015

Card, jesmonite, gloss paint, spray paint 37 x 30cm

Adam Gillam

Twinrider, 2013

Acrylic, modroc, gloss paint, bead, fabric 33.5 x 51 cm

Adam Gillam

Outline, 2013

Aluminium armature, string, brass, metal fixings 30.5 x 38 cm

Adam Gillam

Windeye, 2013

Wood, hessian, plaster, beads, paint, chinagraph marker, marker pen, string, plastic letter 68 x 62 x 64 cm

Adam Gillam

Nessy 8, 2013

Acrylic, beads, dowls, chinagraph markings, paper binders, foam, modroc, paint, tape, graphite rubbing 125.5 x 76 x 7 cm

Adam Gillam

Adam Gillam, Joe Orton, Kenneth Halliwell, Ancient and Modern Gallery, 2011

Installation view

Adam Gillam

Untitled, 2011

Acrylic, vinyl, wood, enamel, paint, 51.5 x 55cm

Adam Gillam

Very Peculiar Orders, 2011

Acrylic, string, door stops, enamel, 54 x 68 cm

Adam Gillam

The Way We work Now - installation view, Camden Arts Centre, 2005

Mixed media

Adam Gillam

The Way We work Now - installation view, Camden Arts Centre, 2005

Mixed media

“I am interested in fabricating structures that operate as a means to view and frame actual space, surroundings and real time encounters.”

Adam Gillam’s delicate structures have an impromptu quality, akin to a makeshift moment given form. His work is balanced and nuanced; scraps of material, like scraps of time, are assembled in an inventive, bricolage fashion.

Gillam improvises with different materials, and the quality of those materials and the act of working with them determines the end result in a particularly lucid way. “We are given a work that has been made step by step, of which we see all the steps at once.” (Melissa Gronlund) The process of making is both a method and an interpretive tool. Works emerge from a day-to-day engagement with utilitarian materials and what Gillam calls his ‘scatty pragmatics’ approach.


Born in the UK in 1970

Lives and works in London

MA Painting, Royal Academy Schools, London
1991 – 1994 BA, Painting, Liverpool John Moores University, UK


Solo Exhibitions

Stop Bugging Me – Frame 1: Adam Gillam, Tintype, London

Ideal Paste, Tintype, London

I am definitely coming for longer if I come again, KLERKX, Milan

Art is a cupboard, Keith Talent, London


Group Exhibitions

Work Work, curated with Jo Addison and Mark Harris, and showed in,a groupd show of 26 artists
Im In The Garden, Foal Art, Ryde, Isle of Wight, curated by Joanne Hummel-Newel
The Order of Things, The Wilson, Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum, curated by Andrew Bick, Jonathan Parsons, and Katie Pratt.

Against Nature, Camberwell Space, London

This-Here-Now, noformat, London

Crazee Golf, Tintype Gallery, London
Curator’s Egg, Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London

Construction and it’s shadow, Leeds City Art Gallery
Melanchotopia, Witte de With, Rotterdam
Just Photography, Martos Galleery, New York
Adam Gillam, Joe Orton, Kenneth Halliwell, Ancient and Modern, London

Z(A)RT, curated by Jan Hoet, ABTART Gallery, Stuttgart
The Thought of Stuff, Royal Society of British Sculptors, London

Reconstructing the old house, The Nunnery, London and Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge
Cortez Arrives, Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury
Adam Gillam, Sarah Mackillop, MOT International, London
Brussels Biennial 1, Show me don’t tell me, Witte de With, Rotterdam

Wandering rocks, Gimpel Fils, London

The way we work now, Camden Arts Centre, London
This show is ribbed for her pleasure, Cynthia Broan, New York


Doubtful pleasures, APT Gallery, London
Eating at another’s table, Metropole Gallery Folkstone

With pleasure, IOTA Gallery, Ramsgate

The Map is Not The Territory, England and Co, London


Residencies / Events
October 2004 Triangle Artists Workshop, New York City
August 2003 Braziers International Artist Workshop, Oxfordshire, UK