Jo Addison

Jo Addison

Cleeshay, 2020

Jesmonite, cardboard, 22 x 18 x 6cm

Jo Addison

Odea, 2020

Jesmonite, polystyrene, 35 x 20 x14cm

Jo Addison

Yup, 2019

Jesmonite, cardboard, enamel paint 22 x 17 x 1.5cm

Jo Addison

Clearoff, 2019

Airdrying clay, jesmonite, 45 x 35 x 4cm

Jo Addison

Chooda, 2019

Jesmonite, cardboard 36 x 29 x 6cm

Jo Addison

Bucky, 2020

Jesmonite, papier-mâché, diameter 22cm

Jo Addison

Dun, 2019

Jesmonite, paper 50 x 35 x 10cm

Jo Addison

Binawhile, 2018

Jesmonnite, airdrying clay 20 x 16 x 8cm

Jo Addison

Penz, 2020

Jesmonite, cardboard 25 x 6 x 1cm

Jo Addison

Solong, 2020

Jesmonite, MDF diameter 22 x 3cm

Jo Addison

Chock, 2020

Jesmonite, cardboard 24 x 16 x 7cm

Jo Addison

Noddle, 2019

Oven baked clay, Edition of 10, produced for Camden Arts Centre, dimensions variable

Jo Addison

Toob, 2020

Jesmonite, cardboard 24 x 9 x 6cm

Jo Addison

Looksee, 2020

Jesmonite, cardboard 50 x 50 x 5cm

Jo Addison

Nohow, 2019

Jesmonite, wooden dowel, 49 x 36 x 5cm

Jo Addison

Bisanbos, 2015

Hanging object, mixed media, 20 cm diameter (approx)

Jo Addison

Flimmer, 2015

Card, spraypaint, foam, 40 x 30 cm

Jo Addison

Huggle, 2015

Card, jesmonite, paint (mixed) 60 x 50 x 40 cm

Jo Addison

Two Holes Three, 2015

Card 80 x 70 x10 cm

Jo Addison in collaboration with Lucy Newman

Possible Object II, 2015

Digital animation displayed on Sony Cube, Edition of 3

Jo Addison

Unkk, 2013

Ply, MDF
38 x 67 x 42 cm

Jo Addison

Flap, 2012

MDF, gouache, hinges
66 x 59 cm

Jo Addison

Cloud, 2013

Card, jesmonite, gouache
17 x 23 x 3 cm

Jo Addison

Remainder, 2013

Clay, varnish, gouache
10 x 13.5 x 8 cm

Jo Addison

Two Holes One, 2013

Card, wood
100 x 71 cm

Jo Addison

Think-Thing (Pole), 2011

Air-drying clay, gouache
116 x 3.2 cm

Jo Addison

Knotty, 2013

Ply, wool
20.5 x 30 cm

Borl (blue), 2013

Card, glue
240mm diameter

Jo Addison

Think thing (rainbow), 2012

MDF, wood, gouache
420 x 320 x 18mm

Jo Addison

Peg, 2012

Card, parcel tape, gouache
230 x 80 mm

Jo Addison

Pet-size (installation), 2010

Birch ply, mixed media
250 x 125 x 80 cm

Jo Addison

Rail, 2009

Card, jesmonite, enamel paint
110 x 93 x 3 cm

Jo Addison

Oh, 2013

Oven-bake clay
150 x 30 mm

Jo Addison

Two Holes One Two (installation view as part of Album2 group show) , 2013

35mm holes through gallery walls / plasterboard cladding 

Jo Addison puts in process an encounter with things.

In her sculptures, resolute yet ambiguous forms are navigated around language and singular interpretation. In work that is apparently casually made, the legacy of a paradoxically slow and often repetitive way of making is cautiously disclosed.

Fixed meanings are abandoned to process and, often assuming anthropomorphic qualities, the finished pieces are the result of a method in which the nub or essence of a thing is revealed. The relationship between objects and the body, and of objects to one another is intrinsic to the haptic and spatial curiosity at the heart of Addison’s practice.


1993 – 1995  H.Dip Fine Art Print Slade School of Fine Art U.C.L
1989 – 1992  BA (Hons) Fine Art Sculpture Norfolk Institute of Art and Design

Solo Exhibitions

Dread One Day At A Time, Tintype Summer Window, Tintype, London, 2020

Stop Bugging Me – Frame 3: Jo Addison, Tintype, London

Join the World, Mrs Rick’s Cupboard, Primary, Nottingham

Not Trees and People Tintype, London

No One Sees The Barn Outpost, Norwich
Visitors Five Years, London

What is it exactly that you do? Arts Council Year of the Artist

Selected Group Shows

In gratitude for all the times we start over, Flatland Proects, Bexhill, UK
Things, exhibition of new works, in a vacant, renovated terraced house, Norwich, UK
Mud, Artwave, Susses, UK

NOT PAINTING, Copperfield, London

Jo Addison was commissioned to make an edition for Camden Arts Centre, all sales going to support their programme

Jo Addison curated (with Adam Gillam and Mark Harris) and showed in Work Work, a group show of 26 artists, Tintype,London
Fully Awake, curated by Ian Hartshore & Sean Kaye at Studio Pavilion, House for Art Lovers, Glasgow
We Are Publication: HOLD Live Event 01, Stanley Picker Gallery, London

Anniversary Show, Royal Standard, Liverpool
Good things come, The Gallery, Plymouth College of Art

Alioli, Outpost, Norwich
Finite Project Altered When Open, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow

Combines & Model, Liverpool

House 62 Cranmer Rd, London House
Album2 Five Years, London
The Hope of Wrecks University of Hertfordshire Galleries, Museum of St Albans
Easy does it David Dale Gallery Glasgow, Aid & Abet Cambridge, Supercollider Blackpool
Unspecific Objects Malgras Naudet Manchester, The Royal Standard Liverpool

Cave Liverpool
Crazee Golf  Tintype, London
Ideas are faster Five Years, London

So there in Number 18 Parlour, London
Creekside Open 2011 selected by Phyllida Barlow / Dexter Dalwood

Points of Address selected by Peter Suchin, Outpost, Norwich
Album  Five Years, London
Kaavous-Bhoyroo editions
Jo Addison & Alice Walton Centrum, Berlin
Whitstable Biennale Artists multiple, UK

Free Association Area 53, Vienna
Reconstructing the Old House The Nunnery Gallery, London & Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge
Cortez Arrives Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury
Sale Royal Standard, Liverpool
That was a Good Day Five Years, London
Animated-Wysing Arts Contemporary Wysing Arts Cambridge

At Home Voewood Projects, UK
Beck’s Fusions Manchester

There Is No Future For Us Now Five Years, London

Whitstable Biennale UK

For and From The Metropole Galleries, Folkestone

Doubtful Pleasures Apt Gallery, London
Tempered Ground Danielle Arnaud, London
Zwielichtige Augenblicke Felix Ringel Gallerie,Dusseldorf
Eating at Another’s Table The Metropole Galleries, Folkestone

Tonite! Spanganga, San Francisco
26.09.03 Flaca Gallery, London
Friday Night, Saturday Told Galleri Skuggi, Reykjavik

Magazine Centre of Attention, London
Beautiful Oxo Tower Wharf, London

to be continued > The New Art Gallery, Walsall

Beachlife F.A.T, Islington Festival, London

Wait and See…what’s for dinner? Towner Gallery, Eastbourne
Special Offer One Size Fits All Gallery, Arnhem

Bitter Twist U.K.S Gallery Oslo, Margaret Harvey Gallery St Albans

Outpost F.A.T, Edinburgh Festival

British Festival New Contemporaries Taipei, Taiwan


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Selected Reviews
a-n; Inventory of Behaviours: Finding value in the things artists do when not making, Trevor Smith
this is tomorrow Ciara Healy
Garageland Travis Riley
Time Out Francis Lamb
this is tomorrow Contemporary Art Magazine, Ciara Healy
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Selected Performance Events, Talks, Conferences
Inventory of Behaviours, Uniqlo Tate Lates, Tate Tanks
The Artist’s Journey
NAFAE Annual Conference Sheffield Hallam University
In conversation: Jo Addison & Bill Leslie
Freelands Foundation London. Discussion of repetition as a strategy for fine art research in making and teaching.
2018 – 2019
Inventory of Behaviours, Tate Exchange
Delivered Performance Paper
Felt Knowledges
Royal Geographical Society Annual International Conference. Delivered performance paper.
Inventory of Behaviours
a-n Assembly Cardiff. Delivered Performance Paper Inventory of Behaviours.
What is a studio & how do we use one?
blip blip blip East St Arts Leeds. Delivered Performance Event Inventory of Behaviours.
Professionalism in the Curriculum
Leeds College of Art. Delivered Performance Lecture ‘Podium Piece no.1’.
Towards an Avant Gardest conception of Gallery Education
Tate. Presented Workshop.
Art in Context
ELIA 5th Annual Teachers’ Academy Conference Porto. Delivered paper ‘By Instruction – No Working Title’
Landing Place the local in the international
Engage Conference Cardiff. Delivered performance paper ‘The And thing’.

Record Releases

Ketchup & Marmalade Ignatub compilation, Artist: Lapwing

Different Noise Mind Horizon compilation, Artist: Lapwing

Pearl Necklace Dishy compilation, Artist: Lapwing

Jo Addison & Lucy Newman, Possible Object #1, 2015,

Digital Animation.
A continuous loop played on a 29" Sony Cube Monitor

Jo Addison & Lucy Newman, Possible Object #2, 2015,

Digital Animation.
A continuous loop played on a 29" Sony Cube Monitor

Jo Addison, Inventory, 2008,

Jo Addison, The End, 2003,