Irregular Wasps Ed Fornieles, Kasia Fudakowski, Andrew Gillespie, Eloise Hawser, Alan McQuillan, Sam Nias, Ruairiadh O'Connell, Samuel Williams, Flora Parrott

29 April – 3 June 2010

Curated by Peter Lamb and Joby Williamson

All nine artists, most of whom were in the post art-school couple of years, experimented with a lo-fi aesthetic in which materials were pared down, playful elements foregrounded and incongruous juxtapositions encouraged.

A limited edition boxed set of IRREGULAR WASPS prints has been produced especially for the show. Each of the nine artists has made an individual work for the edition.

Edition of 30

Kasia Fudakowski

That's how they're grown, 2009

Rigid foam, polyester resin, gloss paint, steel, 60 x 50 x 50 cm

Eloise Hawser

Subyoutex, Araby, 2009

Subyoutex: Wood, paint, 173 x 55 x 56cm, Araby: Screenprint on paper, 130 x 133 cm

Eloise Hawser

Subyoutex, 2009

Alan McQuillan

Orchid, 2010

Wood, household gloss paint, neon glass, 125 x 70 x 30cm

Flora Parrott

Roof of Mouth, 2010

Blackboard paint, archival digital prints, copper, bone, rubber, gaffer tape, electrical tape, 112 x 184 x 51cm

Andrew Gillespie

Untitled, 2010

Screenprint on board, 2010 51 x 76cm

Edward Fornieles

Untitled, 2010

Fibreglass, wrapping paper, perspex, car body filler, car body paint, 118 x 71 x 31.5cm, 118 x 51 x 43cm, 117 x 66 x 52.5cm

Samuel Williams

Ping Pong Balls, 2009

Ping pong balls, glue

Sam Nias

Red 1 – 8, 2010

Pencil, pastel, crayon, chalk on paper 41 x 29.5cm (individual), 240 x 240cm (installation)