Essex Road II Jordan Baseman, Helen Benigson, Sebastian Buerkner, Jem Cohen, Ruth Maclennan, Melanie Manchot, Uriel Orlow, John Smith

10 December – 16 January 2016

Tintype is pleased to present Essex Road II in which eight artists make short films in response to the mile-long road. The gallery’s large window becomes a public screen for six weeks over Christmas and New Year. This second edition follows last year’s highly successful first Essex Road moving image event.

The eight films screen continuously in the window of the gallery – every day from 4pm to midnight

Essex Road II - opening event 1, 2015

Photo: Ruth Maclennan

Installation view, 2016

Jordan Baseman

E, 2015

Helen Benigson

Essex Road Hen Party, 2015

HD Video

Sebastian Buerkner

Eaves Apart, 2015

Jem Cohen

Unseen Unsaid, 2015

Melanie Manchot

Lower Street, 2015

Ruth Maclennan

Zigni, 2015

Uriel Orlow

Letters from Edna, 2015

John Smith

Fresh Fruit Venerable, 2015

Essex Road II, opening event, 2015

Essex Road II installation view with bench by Assemble, 2016

Essex Road II instalation view, 2016