Crazee Golf Jo Addison, Jordan Baseman, Fran Burden, William Cobbing, Nicky Coutts, Marcia Farquhar & Jem Finer, Edward Fornieles, Adam Gillam, Oona Grimes, Tony Grisoni, Jost Münster, Clunie Reid, Alice Walton, Richard Wentworth, Joby Williamson, Sarah Woodfine, Tom Woolner

7 September – 27 October 2012

Curated by Oona Grimes & Teresa Grimes

“Sometimes I dream I am back there. There’s not a lot left of it. Shows it up for what it really is – what it really was. Lumps of concrete, bits of grass, plywood. I walk through the remains of the course…”

18 artists were asked to respond to the faux world of Crazy Golf; an absurdist version of risk and danger, a diversion, a corralled ‘time-out’. Putting opportunities, myriad holes, bunker-like shapes, journeys, recollections, true tales and tall tales.

Crazy Golf and its associations with seaside towns, make it a poor, slightly deranged relation – a proletarian, democratic oddity, more akin to fairgrounds and playgrounds – than the proper, serious pursuit of golf. Crazee Golf celebrated that oddity and offered diverse interpretations.


Crazee Golf, 2012

Installation view

Crazee Golf, 2012

Installation view

Clunie Ried

Untitled (Grey, Darker and Freed), 2012

3 books, 20 x 13 x 4 cm

Crazee Golf, 2012

Installation View

Oona Grimes

Alice’s Holes #a and #b, 2012

Spray paint on paper 75.5 x 224 cm (each)

Tony Grisoni

Rachel Weiss & A Quantum of Golf, 2012

shot on 16mm & 8mm, DVD, Edition of 9, voice: Marcia Farquhar

Jo Addison

Think-thing (Rainbow, 2012

MDF & gouache, pine peg 31 x 42 x 2 cm

Alice Walton

Untitled, 2012

Mixed media 34 x 51 x 18 cm

Adam Gillam

Pitifully overemphasized, 2012

Plaster, mixed media 65 x 57 x 23 cm